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For all those who want to pick the brightest stars from the sky, bring visions to life and start something completely new.

Back to basic? With Ynfinite we invite you to join us on a journey through a whole universe full of possibilities.

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It all starts with an individual interface …

… With adding all of your content into this special interface, you’ll be able to manage your text, images, links etc. dynamically.


Time saving

Operate many channels at once

Process Optimization

Simple controlling mechanisms

Agility & Dynamics

Templates and content types can be modified independently

Coming soon

Getting Social

What's up next?

Our developers are currently working at full speed. Soon you’ll be able to publish your campaigns on various channels. You’ll add your content only once to the system, and spread it everywhere you choose to.

Landing Pages

Automatically generate landing pages from your content.


Generate personal newsletters, individually compiled by Ynfinite for each of your acquired leads and lead categories.

Click me. Buy me. Get in touch with me.

Call to action - not just a cry for attention …

With Ynfinite it’s easy to create forms that can be (re-)used and placed everywhere on your entire website, each with different call to actions that allow you to get in touch with your visitors.

Lead Generation

Cold, warm or hot?

Generate own leads instead of expensively purchasing them somewhere else. Further and ongoing qualification ensures they’re being continuously updated, refined and improved.


Who is knocking at my door?

Show me who you are and ill tell you what you need

Organize your customers and potential contacts by upselling and cross-selling categories for a more targeted marketing experience. Example: If you sell a product to a customer, Ynfinite automatically concludes, in three months from now the customer may also be interested in the maintenance of this product.


Matching leads and categories

Match customers with their specific interests and increase cross-selling and evaluability of your campaigns.

This website adapts to the user, not the other way around. Charge your brand or company with a positive user experience. This is more than a simple business card for your company. Ynfinite is an innovation!

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